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10 Tips to Present Your Home For a Fast Sale

Many buyers will be turned off at even a hint of a bad smell, dampness, mould, peeling paint, dirty pet bowls or litter trays. So how do we present our home to the buyer?

Below are 10 tips on how to present your home to attract a quick sale.

1. Hire a professional cleaner to clean the whole house especially clean the oven, windows and bathrooms.

2. Steam clean all the carpets.

3. Hire a person to mow lawns, remove dead branches and clean the yard.

4. Declutter by removing furniture, photos and personal items.

5. Fix anything that is broken.

6. Define the use of each room.

7. Clear the way in all traffic areas.

8. Store items that you can live without until after the move to create even more space

9. Declutter kitchen pantry, cupboards and the linen cupboard. Buyers are always interested in storage space and will open these cupboards!

10. Keep it looking great all the time it’s on the market.

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