Renting in Mackay

Predicting future housing prices in Mackay

Renting in Mackay - The Facts

Renting in Mackay can be challenging for those that don’t know the market. A recent boom in Mackay has seen vacancy rates as low as 1%. If you are an investor that’s good news. If you want to rent, it’s not.

So how can you find a rental in Mackay?

History has shown that having your Tenant App pre-completed, along with your supporting documentation will allow you to quickly apply for new listings. We also recommend dealing directly with a number of local rental agents. As of July 2023, some people are writing cover letters showcasing their living behaviors, cleanliness, and rental history to complement their online application. Some people even take photos of their well-behaved pets to add further insight for the landlord.

The market is tight and you need to act fast, so tap into the local knowledge and stay ahead of the pack.

Once you have secured a rental, the lifestyle in Mackay is amazing. The work opportunities are also very good.

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Can’t find a rental in Mackay?

We are not surprised. The market is tough right now. Have you considered buying instead? We can help you find a property in Mackay.

Speak with a rental property expert from the Mackay region for specialist help.

In the event you have already arrived and have not secured a rental, there are other options. You can opt to rent a short-term holiday apartment or motel room.

You may find a private rental or breaklease through your own means. Whatever you do, do your due diligence before any deposit or bond.

There are some options we would not encourage. Some people have paid a deposit before moving up, only to find the property was already let, or worse, doesn’t even exist. This often happens when scammers place false or misleading ads on social media or classified websites. Be aware.

Rental Properties - Mackay Area

A recent search of ‘rental properties Mackay area’ produces a minefield of choices and can become overwhelming very quickly. Our team have access to the best Mackay Rental Agents in the region, so if you need solid advice and a headstart, contact a rental agent from the Mackay Real Estate Guide.

We know that clients searching for Rental Properties – Mackay Area on Google often want to know what is available. In some cases, our Mackay Real Estate Agents will have a list of stock coming up. This is ideal if you need a rental property urgently.

At the time of writing this Rental Properties Mackay Area post, we have seen a high spike in people wanting to rent in the region. It is very competitive. The rental market will cycle up and down over time. Be patient and you’ll find a home.

Rental Update - Mackay July 2023

We have seen fewer numbers apply for rentals over the past 6 months. This does not mean it is easy to get a rental though.

Write the best application you can and get strong references and a copy of your previous rent payment ledger. It really helps.

In the $300-$500 range expect 10-15 groups through a property. In the $600-$800 range expect around 8-10 groups. Good luck with your search.