An Overview of Sarina

Sarina is situated approximately 34 km south of the town of Mackay, Queensland. Sarina exudes country charm and is nestled between striking mountain ranges and the Coral Sea beaches.

The town still has a country charm about it, however, it also offers the modern convenience of two shopping centres, a local hospital, and several schools.

The main street hosts the locally famous Sarina Pie Shop, and several other boutique shops.

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Sarina Beach

The Sarina Beaches

The beaches near Sarina offer a unique lifestyle that has a much slower pace, and ideally suited to those working at Daly Bay Coal Terminal, or Sarina itself.

There are five major beaches that are positioned east of the town of Sarina. They are Salonika Beach, Grasstree Beach, Campwin Beach, Sarina Beach, and Armstrong Beach.

In between Sarina and the beaches you’ll find acreage living that includes sugar cane production, hobby farms, and cattle.

Daly Bay and Hay Point

Hay Point is one of the world’s largest Coal Export ports. Two separate coal terminals operate here and receive coal from mines located some 300km away to the west. The port handles approximately 130 million tonnes of coal per year.

The Daly Bay wharve extends 3.85km out to sea.

The closes town to this major export facility is Salonika Beach and Grasstree Beach, however many people reside in Mackay and drive the 33km trip each way.

daly bay - Sarina and Sarina Beaches
Daly Bay at Hay Point
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Render of the New Sarina Hospital

New Sarina Hospital

Queensland Government has recently funded a new $31.5 million hospital for Sarina residents. This will be located on Brewers Road. The new hospital will provide more beds and improved infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of the growing Sarina community.

Construction has commenced and the hospital will include:

The Sarina Sugar Shed

The Sugar Shed is an iconic destination in it’s own right. Drop into the local cafe, and a join of the tours that run daily. The Rum Distillery and Tasting Sessions are a firm favourite with tourists.

Ask to try their award-winning brand of Sugar Shed Rum. This is a fun day out for both locals and visitors. The Sugar Shed is located at the Sarina Field of Dreams, home to Mackay and Isaac Tourism Centre.

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Sarina Sugar Shed

Facts about living in Sarina

$410,000 (4 bedroom home) on an average lot size 700m²

  • Fishing
  • Sarina Golf Club
  • BMX Club
  • Bowls Club
  • Leages Club
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