Living in Mackay

Lighthouse Mackay, Queensland

What to expect Living in Mackay

What’s it like Living in Mackay? Mackay offers a great lifestyle and here’s why. You can still purchase house blocks and existing homes that have swimming pools, 3 bay sheds, and room for cars, boats, and caravans.

There are also medium-sized dwellings and older character homes that are renovated by savvy investors or home-owners.

Mackay is surrounded by lush caneland and the landscape is green almost all year round. Mackay offers several shopping outlets, including Canelands which is the major shopping complex, Mount Pleasant shopping complex in the northern suburbs, and a growers market every Wednesday morning.

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Living Choices in Mackay

The Mackay Marina has a beautiful outlook across the Coral Sea. The marina boasts fine dining restaurants, a local fish and chippery, pub, and a world class public boat ramp for launching your vessel.

The long marina breakwater can be walked or driven across and offers amazing views and bluewater fishing opportunities. Look out for the tuna and mackerel when they come in.

The Mackay Airport is easily accessed and only a 5 minute drive from the city centre. Flights to Brisbane and other regional centres are on offer.

If you ever get bored with the Mackay region, jump in the car and drive 90 minutes north to the glorious Whitsundays. Visit Airlie Beach or hop on the ferry for a weekend away on Hamilton Island.

Living in Mackay Australia

If you are thinking about living in Mackay Australia, then you must be thinking of a quieter lifestyle. It’s a great place to raise a family or retire. In congested towns and cities, you rarely see land above 300m2. Out here in Mackay, prime land is available from 500m2 and above. The newer sub-divisions have land averaging out at 700m2. Living in Mackay Australia can be a tough choice to make but the quality of the schools, great job prospects, a healthy lifestyle, and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef is a great drawcard.

So make a bold move and head north to the land of sugar-cane, blue water, and pristine rainforests. If you’ve landed here by searching ‘Mackay Australia Living’, that’s okay too. Many people want to know this information but use the internet search differently to others. Whether you’ve entered Living Mackay, Living in Mackay Australia, or Mackay Australia Living, doesn’t matter to us. The fact you want to move to Mackay and Live in Mackay is awesome. You’ll make great friends in Mackay, and the commute to work won’t take you forever. You can get from the south side of Mackay to the north in around 10 minutes.

Many families enjoy their days out at the beach, camping near a river, going 4WD, fishing out near the islands, or having a BBQ with mates. It’s a great lifestyle and one that will rub off on you easily. You won’t want to move to Brisbane anymore.