Jobs in Mackay

jobs in mackay

Jobs in Mackay - Where will you work?

There is a diverse range of Jobs in Mackay according to various employment platforms. Just Google ‘seek mackay’ and you’ll be presented with around 1700 active jobs (July 2023), in sectors like Mackay Hospital Jobs, Entry Level Mining Jobs Mackay, and Trade Assistant Jobs Mackay.

We have seen many jobs listed using Gumtree and Facebook also, but Seek Mackay is the prime tool for getting work locally. There are also a handful of specialized employment agencies for those that wish to work in the mining sites across the region.

The big industries like mining, manufacturing, and healthcare drive the local economy. There are always trade assistant jobs in Mackay, and there is always a turnover of staff required at the Mackay Base Hospital. Send the Human Resources Dept. an email to enquire about Mackay Hospital jobs.

You can make a sustainable living in Mackay from other forms of employment. It’s not all about entry-level mining jobs, or trade assistant jobs in Mackay.

Here is a list of some of the job vacancy categories that have multiple jobs on offer:

  • admin and office support
  • cleaning services
  • community services
  • construction
  • education
  • engineering
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • manufacturing, transport and logistics
  • mining, resources and energy
  • retail and sales
  • trades and services

Mackay was largely unaffected by Covid-19 due to it’s diversity, meaning that the economic impact was not felt as much in the region. Job opportunities continue to grow and develop as projects come to fruition. The future looks bright for the Mackay region.

coal mining in mackay - Jobs in Mackay
Coal Mining
mackay sugar mill - Jobs in Mackay
Sugar Mill

Job Locations in Mackay

Mackay and the Isaac region are two separate regions, yet they share a similar connection. Many of the mining contractors take the bus or drive to the mining sites in the Isaac region from Mackay.

Due to the ever growing need for machinery maintenance, trades like boilermakers, electricians, etc. have seen employment opportunities rise. Most of the mechanical and maintenance work is done from Paget, which is only 5 minutes from Mackay city centre.

Across areas like Bakers Creek, Rural View, Richmond, and Shoal Point, new homes are popping up everywhere so builders and tradies are in high demand.

The primary public hospital in Mackay services patients from St. Lawrence to Bowen, and out to the mining sites around Moranbah. There is a private hospital too, and many ancillary healthcare services.

Education, training and teaching are in high demand as the population grows. Mackay is home to several ‘world-class’ educational institutions.

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Mining Site Locations